Accessible Learning and Media Technology for a Better World

OGRAPHY is a virtual platform with learning tools and curriculums for professional digital storytelling. We created it keeping in mind the needs of today’s educators, students and communities.

OGRAPHY delivers adaptable project based content for on-line or in-person teaching, or both. With multiple course options ranging from short term to longer timelines, OGRAPHY is inclusive and user-friendly for a variety of participants and learning styles.

Filmmaking For Good is OGRAPHY’S flagship course – An innovative curriculum created by filmmakers and experts in the field of nonprofit communications, that empowers educators by providing them with valuable digital tools, techniques and resources to teach their students how to make short videos about social causes and nonprofit initiatives they are passionate about. 

Global advocates need contemporary communication skills in order to be effective change-makers. Filmmaking For Good delivers achievable curriculums and teaches twenty-first-century digital content creation to users who want to build awareness and raise funds for humanitarian challenges. 

Filmmaking For Good offers affordable courses and user options that make cutting edge methods and technologies accessible. Our goal is to help campaigns, causes and charities excel by empowering micro-influencers to create compelling user-generated video content to support their mission. This course is available on our web-based platform and is designed for use with smartphones or professional camera equipment so that everyone can participate.