Florida Int’l University Student Spotlight:
“Don’t Say Straight” Video Announced as
Filmmaking For Good Summer 2022 Winner

FIU Students Make A Positive Impact Using Filmmaking For Good

In June 2022, this Florida International University group chose the social cause of their class video to be the LGBTQIA+ community. They did a good job of reacting to the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill recently passed in the state of Florida. Filmmaking For Good is proud of this team for commenting on social culture in a way that gave each student a voice in the matter. When students speak up, it’s amazing what they have to say…




NATALIE CABA: One thing I learned during this process was the statistics mentioned in our video, as they were very much informative and eye opening. I hope everyone learns from it.

NATHALIA BALDERRAMA: One thing that I learned during the process of the video is the strength and inspiration it can bring to people to see individuals come together to uplift others!

ALLE BUSTAMANTE: One thing i learned by creating this video with my teammates is the importance of good communication and teamwork and the importance of supporting the LGBT community. Society must be polite and respectful towards others regardless of their preference of religion, race, national origin, age and sex.

Ana Alvarez: One huge take away from this experience would have to be the surreal appreciation towards the cause of our video. We received such great positive feedback from our classmates that it truly made us feel like bringing awareness truly made a change. I am so happy to have been able to participate in this project.

VALERIE ARIZA: One thing that I learned from creating this video is how my team and I inspired our classmates. It was so nice to see how they enjoyed our video and how we made them realize how LGBTQ is important nowadays.

EYAN REBOUCAS: Filmmaking for Good taught me about the importance of creating meaningful videos to spread awareness. I hope our video will help others see some of the struggles of the LGBTQ+ community and how they can help fight these injustices.

To learn more about our Filmmaking For Good curriculum, click the link below!