Filmmaking For Good
Social Change Video Competition

Enter to win Cash, Prizes and Free Access to Advanced Courses!

Contest Overview

  • Top prize of $2,000 to the winning video (team)
  • Videos must focus on a social justice or positive impact cause
  • Videos must be between 30 seconds – 3 minutes long
  • Videos may be narrative or documentary
  • Students must be registered with FFG to compete for prizes
  • Students must complete at least one Filmmaking For Good online course
  • Students/educators/organizations must pay for courses
  • In some instances, scholarships will be granted for financial need if students can’t afford to pay
  • Participants must be actively enrolled in school, vocational training or community training program
  • Students and educators must be over the age of 18 to be the official prize recipient
  • Educators can enter videos on behalf of their students
  • Void where prohibited. Contests rules may change without notice.

Funding for this initiative is made possible by

Providing $2,000 Cash, Prizes & Recording Equipment the Winners


Why Are We Doing This?

Filmmaking For Good wants to connect with like-minded educators in the field of communications. We partner with educators and organizations looking to teach digital literacy skills to students online and onsite. For instance, if a college classroom has 100 students, they would be broken into 20 groups of 5 students to make a total of 20 videos in the classroom. Each student would pay for individual access to our course i.e. $59.95/student, and all 20 of that classroom’s videos will qualify to win our prize money.

What Is Filmmaking For Good?

Videos tell the story best. Here’s our history, goals, and aspirations in 3 minutes.

Filmmaking For Good is an innovative new curriculum and virtual learning platform that empowers educators to teach their students how to make short videos about the social causes and nonprofit initiatives they are passionate about. 

Filmmaking For Good is…

  • An accessible new way to engage students in Digital Literacy.
  • A video production curriculum that’s adaptable for different learning environments and different types of learners.
  • Professor tested and approved! Easy for both teachers and students to navigate. 
  • An opportunity to collaborate in digital media education research.
  • Teaches students how to make a difference in their community by producing media that matters.


Filmmaking For Good Courses & Pricing

With Filmmaking For Good, students produce short videos about causes in the community they care about. FFG courses are designed for use with smartphones, courses do not require professional video cameras.  Our courses are easily embedded into existing curricula (for instance Canvas or Edmodo) to augment a variety of learning tracks. FFG especially complements courses such as, A/V Technology, TV Production, Visual Arts, Journalism, Communications, Social Media, and Marketing.

Check out the links below that show the individual courses and course content:

FFG (16) ($59.95/student)

FFG (6) ($39.95/student)

**Scholarships available in case of financial need.**

Case Study: Dr. Nancy Richmond At FIU

Dr. Richmond is a university professor, social media consultant and executive coach. She uses a fresh approach, creative solutions and data driven strategies to help organizations survive and thrive during times of growth, disruption and/or crisis. Dr. Richmond is recognized as a social media authority with over 300,000+ followers. She shows leaders how to make radical shifts with digital media transformation.

Nancy has worked with leading organizations including Florida International University, MIT, Harvard University, Northeastern University, University of Miami, Campbell Soup Company, NBC 6/Telemundo, National Career Development Association, French Consulate and National Association of Colleges and Employers. Clients include executives, start-ups, nonprofits and corporations. She has helped thousands of individuals and companies in the areas of social media, and leadership development from around the globe. 

Dr. Nancy Richmond // Professor // Florida International University // College of Business: “Filmmaking For Good has greatly increased my capacity to teach digital storytelling to the students in my social media class at Florida International University. Not only do I endorse the curriculum, I feel strongly that students should have the opportunity to develop digital skills while making a difference in their community on social issues that are important to them. Filmmaking for Good is a great tool for teachers, especially if you’re not professionally trained in videography and editing. The worksheets, instructional videos, and sample videos will do all the heavy lifting of teaching the material for you. It’s a win for teachers, a win for students, and a win for educational institutions that need to engage students virtually during the pandemic.” 


FFG Winning Student Videos


FFG Student Testimonials



Void where prohibited. Rules may change without notice.