“Filmmaking For Good” Online Course
Unites College Students During Coronavirus Pandemic

FIU Social Media Class Creates Videos For Positive Impact During Quarantine

(Case Study with Dr. Nancy Richmond of Florida International University)

Dr. Nancy Richmond // Professor // Florida International University // College of Business: “Filmmaking For Good has greatly increased my capacity to teach digital storytelling to the students in my social media class at Florida International University. Not only do I endorse the curriculum, I feel strongly that students should have the opportunity to develop digital skills while making a difference in their community on social issues that are important to them. Filmmaking for Good is a great tool for teachers, especially if you’re not professionally trained in videography and editing. The worksheets, instructional videos, and sample videos will do all the heavy lifting of teaching the material for you. It’s a win for teachers, a win for students, and a win for educational institutions that need to engage students virtually during the pandemic.” 

As the COVID-19 pandemic was sweeping the nation in March, students around the country were adjusting to learning online and working from home. Florida International University (FIU) transitioned from in person classes to remote learning during the Spring 2020 semester due to the Coronavirus, which required Dr. Nancy Richmond to think on her feet about how she would engage her Social Media marketing Students at the FIU College of Business. 

Dr. Nancy Richmond teaches Social Media Marketing for FIU College of Business where 100 college students had the opportunity to create videos to share their own personal experiences during studying and learning from home. Each student with the guidance of Eyes On Your Mission created a video sharing an object or a pet that was helping them cope living and learning during a pandemic. The result was 100 videos created by students that showcased their experiences learning from home, resiliency during a time of crisis, and the power of coming together as a community. 

Dr. Richmond is a university professor, social media consultant and executive coach. She uses a fresh approach, creative solutions and data driven strategies to help organizations survive and thrive during times of growth, disruption and/or crisis. Dr. Richmond is recognized as a social media authority with over 300,000+ followers. She shows leaders how to make radical shifts with digital media transformation.

Nancy has worked with leading organizations including Florida International University, MIT, Harvard University, Northeastern University, University of Miami, Campbell Soup Company, NBC 6/Telemundo, National Career Development Association, French Consulate and National Association of Colleges and Employers. Clients include executives, start-ups, nonprofits and corporations. She has helped thousands of individuals and companies in the areas of social media, and leadership development from around the globe. 



Moses Shumow (PhD University of Miami) was an associate professor of Journalism and Media at Florida International University. He is co-author of “News, Neoliberalism, and Miami’s Fragmented Urban Space” (Lexington Books) on Miami’s racial, ethnic and class informational divide, and his research on media, geography, migration, race, and development has been published in peer-reviewed journals, including Journalism, Journalism Studies, Media, Culture & Society, and Journal of Urban Affairs. Dr. Shumow is the director of “Liberty Square: Power, History and Race in Miami,” a documentary focused on a historic housing development as a critical commentary on the history of race and power in Miami. In 2016, he was named a member of the “Next Generation of Dreamers” by The Miami Times, South Florida’s oldest newspaper representing the information and news interests of the black community. Prior to embarking on a career in academia, Dr. Shumow spent a decade working in documentary filmmaking, playing key production roles in nationally-broadcast programs on Discovery, History Channel, American Experience, and Frontline, as well as stand-alone programming for PBS. Dr. Shumow was named to the inaugural group of research fellows at the Miami Urban Futures Institute, where he was examining the impact of climate gentrification and media coverage on communities most vulnerable to sea level rise in Miami.

Unfortunately, Dr. Shumow died in 2019 in a tragic bicycling accident. We honor his memory through our continued work.

Download the 27-page white paper written by Dr. Moses Shumow, called “Eyes On Your Mission Academy: Building Digital Capacity and Engagement and Advancing Social Justice for 21st Century Learning.”