Boys & Girls Club Partners With Filmmaking For Good To Generate Student Video Content

(Case Study with Boys & Girls Club of Martin County Florida)

Keith “Fletch” Fletcher // President & CEO // Boys & Girls Club of Martin County: “My name is Keith “Fletch” Fletcher, and I’m the president and CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin County. Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin County is super proud of their partnership with Filmmaking For Good. It really ties into the new platform of where we’re taking the work to give our kids an opportunity and a platform to look at careers of the future. So through this program, they look at 30 plus careers ranging from writing to filming to videography, right? And they can explore. And when they get interested, they can go deeper. And that’s pretty cool. But we also understand that when we have a professional mentorship, a sound curriculum, and you get kids engaged, we awaken the mind, right? And then we also know that if they can see it, they can be it. And once they understand that, you have new hope, new inspiration, new expectations, new aspirations and new futures. So that’s what our partnership really with Filmmaking For Good is all about.”

Donald Rutledge // Educator // Boys & Girls Club of Martin County: “When the Boys & Girls Club of Martin County first partnered with Filmmaking For Good, we were in search of a new program to kind of keep our members engaged. We quickly found out that Filmmaking For Good would be the program to keep our members interested, and it has kind of been an easy and smooth transition for our members. At first, we thought maybe the curriculum would be too hard for them or the modules would to be too long, but the curriculum is easy. Very comprehensive. Our members can go in depth. They can kind of see more hands on when the models are giving them videos on how to do things and examples. And this has been a great program. We implemented it with our middle school members as well now, and they’ve also loved it. They’re able to make films of any major events we have within our organization. They do photo collages, they do time lapse videos and it has just been a great outcome. This program is really good. It allows the members to kind of see what the filmmaking field has to offer for them, and kind of what it takes to make their own major film.”

OUR PARTNER: Donald Rutledge

Donald Rutledge holds the position of Post-Secondary Manager at the Port Salerno Boys and Girls Club. His role involves the planning, implementation, and oversight of teen programs that aim to be inclusive and diverse, ensuring that each member is provided with a plan for their post-secondary journey.

Donald also takes on the responsibility of forging and maintaining connections with local high schools, colleges, community partners, businesses, and families to support these goals. Through his efforts, he contributes to the broader mission of guiding teens toward their future educational and career paths, albeit in a behind-the-scenes manner that underscores the collective effort over individual accolade.